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MC for Concrete Industry

Making concrete better in every respect

Whether architects, building contractors, planners or manufacturers of ready-mix concrete, precast concrete components or concrete goods, they all benefit from the high quality of our concrete and mortar admixtures, our curing and release agents, and our concrete cosmetic products.

We support our partners in every respect – with technical and technological advice on matters of concrete, in preliminary trials performed in construction material laboratories, with support for suitability tests, with assistance in ensuring accurate metering, and through the environmentally sound supply of our concrete admixtures by road tanker or swap body vehicle. With our modern system solutions tailored to each specific set of requirements, we ensure ongoing improvements in the quality and manufacture of concrete and concrete products, and simplification in their application, treatment and curing.

Comprehensive range of products the production of concrete

Early strength, final strength, compactness, resistance, surface quality and ease of placement – with our admixtures, your concrete can be adjusted to precisely the performance features you require. Our curing agents protect the fresh concrete from drying out, while our release agents ensure that the concrete can be optimally separated from the formwork leaving high-quality fair face surfaces. And in the event that damage should occur either during transit or on site, we offer a comprehensive range of concrete cosmetic products with which to effectively rework and repair the areas concerned, leaving an immaculate, perfectly matched surface finish.

Thus, help them to make concrete better in every respect: we provide manufacturers of ready-mix concrete, pre-cast concrete components and concrete goods with high-quality products of impeccable reliability; and we open up new possibilities to architects and planners for cost-efficient construction to the highest standards.

Wherever you are on the concrete industry spectrum, you can rely on the competence and expertise of our specialist advisers to respond to your needs and help make sure that your project is a success in every respect.

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